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NEUE APPLIKATIONEN IM SORTIMENT UND IMMER AKTUELL 1 Applikation - Aufnäher Es handelt sich um ein sehr hochwertiges Stick-Emblem, mit dem Du perfekt Deine Produkte und Kleidung selbst gestalten kannst. Ob Du nun ein Loch damit abdecken möchtest oder nur eine Veränderung am Kleidungsstück vornehmen möchtest. Ideal für Pullover, Shirts, Jacken, Hosen, Baumwolltaschen, Umhänger etc. Die Aufnäher haben überwiegend, oder wenn Du es wünschst, auf der Rückseite eine spezielle Transfer- Beschichtung, so daß sie ganz einfach aufgebügelt werden können. In unserem Sortiment haben wir noch über 2000 weitere Aufnäher EmblemePatches und auch andere interessante Artikel aus ganz verschiedenen Bereichen. FALLS MEHRERE VON DIESEM AUFNÄHER GEWÜNSCHT WERDEN, BITTE NACH DEM KAUF MITTEILEN. WIR PASSEN DEN BETRAG DANN AN. In unserem Shop findest Du noch viele weitere interessante Trendartikel aus ganz verschiedenen Bereichen. ☆☆☆ WICHTIG ☆☆☆ BITTE LESEN ☆☆☆ Ein Kombiversand ist immer möglich und beträgt maximal 4,90 Euro, egal wieviel Artikel Ihr kauft.

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JTG 3D Patch Guns Boobs and Beer
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Hochwertiger und flexibler Rubber-Patch in 3D Optik mit , Guns Boobs and Beer that, s why I am here, Schriftzug. Rückseite mit Hakenklettfläche zur Befestigung auf Patchflächen von Caps, Rucksäck..

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Beer & Boobs Mandalas als Buch von Massimo Wolke
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Beer & Boobs Mandalas:2. Auflage Massimo Wolke

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Moms Taunting Tongue - Book 2 of GatorTail Trai...
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Eighteen-year-old Connors date, Gena, takes one look at his manhood and bursts out laughing. She takes pictures with her phone and hurries away. Dejected, Connor goes home but walks in on his mother, whos with a very well-endowed stranger. Later that night, his mom Mattie learns that Connor saw her. Connors devastated and strips to show her why. When he threatens to go jump off a bridge, Mattie knows she has to keep his spirits up somehow. Because hes standing nude in front of her, and shes sitting down, she has an idea-but what shes about to do will have to stay a secret because it breaks a big taboo. What mom wouldnt break the rules to encourage her son to stay upbeat about life? ----- PG Excerpt ----- Mattie, Connors mother, leaned down to put more beers on the table for a trio of twenty-something guys, and she pretended not to notice how their eyes dropped to her cleavage, revealed in the loose, blue, deep-V pullover. Her 36C boobs were easy to see in a blue lace bra. She was almost old enough to be their mother, but they were semi-regulars who had tipped her well in the past. She hoped her ongoing boob show, plus their beer buzz, would keep their generosity flowing just like the beer. There you go, guys. Will there be anything else? Nah, were fine, said one guy, without looking up from the deep V revealing her boobs. Mattie laughed. She wasnt very tall, and her lack of height emphasized her bust. Her constant walking as a barmaid here at the Grillin Gator Bar kept her short legs toned and shapely. While her butt was bigger than she liked, she knew it still attracted male attention as she walked around the bar and bent over to serve customers. Right now, she knew that a guy named Hank was sitting behind her, almost certainly looking as far up her snug little black skirt as he could. Hank drove through this area a couple of times a year on business and had become a casual friend. Now she straightened up and turned around. Hank was still looking down at her bare legs, before he raised his gaze and grinned. Nice to see you again, Mattie. I always think of you when my routes going to bring me this way. His attention dropped back down to her boobs. Im flattered. The truth is, I think of you, too. Mattie ran a hand through her short, brown curls, which came from her Irish heritage. She was forty-one years old and had never married. Connors biological father had just been a one-time hookup.

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