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Man Boobs Be Gone: William Defoer

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I Stole My Bosss Body! - Book 9 of Sex Magic: T...
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Sashas boss is a chauvinistic pig. Sure, Trents handsome, but that doesnt mean she wants his hand on her while she gives the most important presentation of her career. Infuriated by his sexist antics, Sasha turns to her mystic grandmother for help. To her surprise, Grandma switches their bodies! Now Sasha is Trent and Trent is Sasha, and neither can resist the temptation of their new form! ----- PG Excerpt ----- She planted both palms on her scalp and screamed. It came out guttural, nowhere close to how she expected to sound. And then there was the absence of weight on her... There was hair on her chest! She grabbed her rock-hard pectorals and realized her boobs were gone. Her forearms were thick with muscle. Her legs bristled with hair. And between her thighs... Oh wow, she murmured. She had a... And it was awake! Sasha trembled as it stared back at her with its one slitted eye. The head was bulbous, like a rubbery crown, and its ruddy skin was almost purple in the morning darkness. Tentatively, she reached for it, and jerked when her fingertips brushed the shaft. It was sensitive! Oh... she breathed. It was definitely hers. Sasha wrapped her fingers around the shaft and gently pulled it to the side. She felt new muscle down in her pelvis, and the luscious pleasure of stroking away its stiffness. Sasha gazed at the thick vein that ran down the side of it, into a trimmed thatch of black pubic hair. It was not the prettiest thing shed ever seen--in fact, it was fair to say it was ugly--but it was wider and meatier than most shed encountered. It was an impressive specimen. Sasha squirmed on the mattress every time she moved it, but she couldnt stop exploring. The foreskin was mottled in places, just like any patch of skin, but its erection made it bloom a healthy red. And it moved! She watched it pulse with the beat of her heart. As she moved it, she felt the organ pulsate with pleasure. And there was also... Sasha reached down to cup her hairy balls. Shit... she whispered. It felt good when she touched them. How had this happened? She slid from the bed in the unknown apartment--no, it was bigger than an apartment--and searched for a mirror. As she stumbled towards the bathroom, she realized she was taller than before. She was over six feet. Hell, she towered over the furniture! She padded into the bathroom on her hairy feet and slammed the light switch. She screamed when she saw Trent in the mirror. He was naked, and staring back at her with the stupidest look on his face. What are you doing here? she demanded. Her jaw dropped. Her eyes bugged out of her skull. She slid her fingers over her cheek and the sandpaper rough stubble that grew there. Oh no... she said. Her heart pounded in her chest (in her finely sculpted chest, she had to admit). Her thing bobbed below her waist like a snake struck by rigor mortis. Oooooh! she growled at the uncomfortable thing. Go away! she hissed. I cant deal with this right now. Go down! The pressure was right behind her balls--even as far back as her stomach. She grabbed the shaft and angrily squeezed it. Oh! she gasped, and bent double. She leaned against the bathroom counter, her shaft still gripped in her hand. Go down, she ordered it. But it didnt listen. She tried flexing her new muscles, but none of them seemed to control the penis. Damn it, she gasped, when she squeezed it again. How do I? How does it...? But she knew. It was obvious.

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