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ROMANCE EROTICA A SHORT STORY My name is Sophie. I´m 24 years old. Well-curved, with all my womanly features in the right places. Piercing, green emerald eyes, well-toned body, shapely legs, well-rouned boobs and a nice ass to complement. I was hot in all departments. I work at a business center in a busy, touristy area of Manchester. Naturally, we get a fair share of foreigners stopping by for one or two days, which was mostly a barrage of friends or lovebirds. I was at my desk, one sunny afternoon doing my thing, when a ravenously hot guy walked in just ahead of his family, which included his dad, mom and siblings. I stared at him as I assessed him from head to toe. Damn! This was one hot dude. He is tall, well-built sturdy features, shaggy black hair, grey eyes, a well-trimmed beard, tanned body, you name it. He was damn hot and I immediately felt a tingling effect in between my legs as I shuddered in pleasure while sitting.

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