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It´s Messy: On Boys, Boobs, and Badass Women , ...
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In this deeply personal collection of essays, creator of the The Conversation Amanda de Cadenet shares the hard-won advice and practical insights she´s gained through her experiences as a businesswoman, friend, wife, and mother. Amanda is on a mission to facilitate conversations that allow all women to be seen, heard, and understood. Through her multimedia platform The Conversation, she interviews some of today´s most badass women - from Hillary Clinton to Lady Gaga - in no-holds-barred conversations that get to the heart of what means to be female. Now, in It´s Messy, Amanda offers listeners an extension of that conversation, inviting them into her life and sharing her own story. From childhood fame to a high-profile marriage (and divorce) to teen motherhood to the sexism that threatened to end her career before it started, Amanda shares the good, the bad, and the messy of her life, synthesizing lessons she´s learned along the way. Through it all, she offers an original perspective as a feminist on the front lines of celebrity culture. Edgy, irreverent, poignant, and provocative, It´s Messy addresses the issues, concerns, and experiences relevant to women today. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Amanda de Cadenet. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Hal Leonard Simpsons Movie - Piano Solo
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Titres :The Simpsons theme; Trapped like carrots; Doomsday is family time; Clap for Alaska; What´s an epiphany ? ; Thank you boob lady; You doomed us all … again; Bart´s doodle; World´s fattest fertilizer salesman; His big fat butt could shield us all; Spider pig.

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