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Dark Light of Mine: The Overworld Chronicles, B...
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Hellhounds ate my homework. Justin won Elyssa´s heart and saved his dad from rogue vampires, but just when he thinks he can ride off into the sunset on a white horse, trouble not only knocks on his door, it plows through it with hellhounds. Spawn relatives with their own agendas, vampires running amok, and his father marked for death - it seems there´s no end to the kinds of monsters out to make Justin´s life miserable. It´s almost enough to make him long for the days of man boobs, Kings and Castles, and nerd status. With a list of impossible quests growing faster than he can keep up, tracking down the deadliest assassin in the world may prove easier than winning the approval of Elyssa´s parents. The clock ticking, and dark forces on his heels, Justin gets a crash course in the mysteries and dangers of the Overworld. But with Elyssa by his side and his growing menagerie of friends, impossible odds suddenly seem possible again. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Austin Rising. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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